Crystal Newbie Here - Now What?

For those who are new to crystals - figuring out how to think about them, where to place them or how to use them can be overwhelming. This in itself is a personal journey but here are some of my recommendations of how to integrate crystals into your home & life!



This is a widely debated topic - and I'll tell you what I think is the most important take away: if you believe they do, they do.

If you subscribe to the fact that everything is/has energy (which is a concept you find sprinkled amongst Einstein quotes, quantum physics, and metaphysics), the question then shifts to the new age and spiritual application of this concept to crystal healing.

The idea that crystals each have their own unique energetic signal that aid in healing is much debated and often considered a pseudoscience by the scientific community. It's also been suggested to be a placebo affect. The truth however is, there hasn't been extensive scientific research into this. Furthermore, here's a question I'll ask you to think through: Does that matter to you?

Here's my take for what it's worth and as always, take what you identify with and leave what you don't. I see crystals as a physical manifestation of my intention. It gives me a tactical item to hold on to, the place my intention within, to be a visual reminder of any intentions I have set, as a method to share my intentions with and for others. So truthfully - whether it's scientifically proven that crystals do anything or not is irrelevant to me and my practices with crystals. Define your own goal for your relationship with crystals and allow that to evolve as you do. 

Any metaphysical properties as listed on the site for crystals have been informed by the larger crystal healing community, my training through the Love & Light School of Crystal Healing and personal experience. These are suggestions, not rules. Let your journey determine if the traits affiliated with each crystal actually speak to you.

Lastly - crystals are not intended to be used in place of medical care. For example - a crystal that's affiliated with arthritis will not cure/eliminate your arthritis. Rather, it's a suggestion to keep this crystal as a part of your practice as a complement to the care as prescribed by your team of medical professionals.


Place them throughout your home where you need the particular energies related to the crystal:

  • Place an amethyst by your bed to support a peaceful sleep
  • Place an tourmaline by your desk for EMF protection

Bring them to go:

  • Place a tumbled stone in your pocket or pocketbook to carry it with you
  • Place shungite in your car for protection
Store them centrally:
  • Place all of your stones in a dish or a bowl on your bedside table or credenza
  • Place them in a box and store them somewhere safe - pull them out when you need them



How often do I need to cleanse them?
    • This is entirely dependent on how they're used. Instead of prescribing a particular cadence (which some do - ie: a weekly or monthly cleansing) I often suggest that you use queues to inform the when
    How do I know when I need to cleanse them? Here's some queues:
    • You've done heavy energy work with them
    • The energy or vibe where you've placed them feel off
    • Your feeling toward the crystal/s has changed (ie: it used to make you feel calm and now you don't want it near you)
    • You just bought it/brought it home 
    • Someone else has interacted with it 
    • Your intuition tells you so
    How do I cleanse them? Here are some suggestions:
    • Earthing - place the crystal in the earth (avoid doing so with porous crystals like satin spars)
    • Intention - hold the crystal and set your intention to cleanse it and instill in it your hopes for what you're looking for it to do/support
    • Moonlight - place the crystals under a full moon overnight
    • Dried herbs - place your crystals in a bowl of dried herbs for 12-24hrs
    • Crystals - place your crystals in/on/near crystals that cleanse (selenite, satin spar, clear quartz, etc.)
    • Water - please your crystals in water (please note, not all crystals can be water cleansed as it can damage the crystal. Do your research on which can/cannot before proceeding.
    • Smoke cleansing - burning of incense or herbs. Let smoke rise underneath the crystal for 10-60 seconds.
    How do I know they're cleansed after completing one of the cleansing methods?
    • Use your intuition!
    • Notice any shifts in energy
    • Trust that the process worked


    If you have any questions or need help please feel free to reach out to and we're happy to help!

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