About Us

I founded Sage and Aura LLC in February of 2020 in my home state of Connecticut with the goal of sharing my passion for integrating crystals, stones and alternative wellness into our daily lives. For years I’ve spent many a day dropping a crystal to a friend in need or chatting about numerology, tarot and astrology. My affinity for all things spiritual and metaphysical, led me to create a company in which my passions could be pursued professionally.

Our vision at Sage and Aura is two fold:
1) To provide high quality crystals and easy to consume descriptions of their metaphysical properties, 

You’ll no longer have to be a crystal pro to know which crystal to use when and how. Sage and Aura will not only supply you with the products, but we’ll provide you the education to have confidence in your ability to use and coexist with each and every item.

2) To encourage you along your journey to find what works for you.

Through our expansion into new products, we hope to be with you during many different parts of your journey at many different times. Stay posted for t's, stickers and other new items on the horizon.

Why Sage & Aura?
To represent wisdom and energy. Sage being a double play on sage in the form of wisdom and sage as the plant that's been utilized for thousands of years for plant medicine. And aura as the representation of the human energy field.

I am ever learning and evolving - our mission, goals and products will likely evolve with me. If you have any suggestions, thoughts or wisdom to share please reach out to us: contact@sageandaura.com

Happy journeying!

With love and light,

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